Apple Mini iPad is everything except a phone

Apple competing to remain the market leader has brought a much better product launch in tablets. Apple being the giant in consumer electronics has announced its new products in the market including new iMacs, new laptops, new Mac Mini’s and new iPads…  

It’s interesting to see that new iPad Mini is one of the smallest and cheapest devices in tablet devices is expected to generate the most interest among business users.

Apple little iPad will be costing from £269 in UK for iPad Wi-Fi model and £369 for the iPad cellular ready version. The thing we have to note is that it is not as cheap as it was expected and predicted by some of the industry analysts. Fans of Apple were also expecting a less price for this mini Pad. Still it is adequate discount over the new 4th generation model of Apple which cost £399, to attract tablet lovers for trying an iPad. It can also attract some of the buyers away from the cheaper Android models.

The new Apple iPad mini is a little bit larger than the BlackBerry PlayBook which has the same screen resolution as iPad 2. Users are giving up relatively little by opting for the smaller model. Apple claims that the mini tablet has a comparable battery life, at around 10 hours.

The idea of a tablet to fit easily in a bag or into a large pocket is appealing to business users. Samsung and Google have shown it before. The benefit of smaller tablets like apple mini is not limited to just lighten the briefcases of travelling professionals.

Devices which can be used more easily in one hand are more easy to handle and practical for a range of field-based task. Smaller tablets help in carrying out in one hand and managing the tablet easy. It would be having a very important role in healthcare, education, etc... Another reason for choosing a smaller tablet is to install it in vehicles, like on vehicle’s dashboard space will always be at a premium.

The iPad mini range has a shortcoming which is the lack of any support for ordinary network like GSM based voice calls. It is possible to use Skype or other voice over IP services via WiFi or 3G data connection. It’s very difficult and hardly practical to stop the car at a café each time you want to make a call. It’s very difficult for a huge target market to accept it as there are professionals doing different jobs, from taxi drivers to field service engineers, doctors to emergency services. Due to simple voice call issue the tab is limited to a particular niche market.

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